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Selasa, 14 Disember 2010

Is It ??!

is it so hard to hear what others wanna say..?
is it so hard to give your best friend a chance to explain everything to you..?
is it so hard to forgive your best friend just because she neglect you once..?
is it so hard to put your ego away for once..?
is it so hard to give and take with others in their complicate situation..? since she couldn't handle the situation well...beacause it complicate for her..

but do you know she wanna the best for her bestfriend!
al this time!
she always listen to you,
always be by your side..
alway remember you in her mind and heart? ..eventhough she didn't text you lately..
but why??!
why you!

i know it is so hard to understand others..
but you have to listen to them, not to hear them without open your mind to give and take..
give me a chance to explain everything..and p-lease listen with your heart and open minded
just once,

you will lost nothing.

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